our rare targeting skills were forged hunting terrorists and IEDs in combat

for the first time ever these skills are being used for SEO and SEM targets

Our methodology was born from personal leadership experiences hunting down High Value Individuals (HVIs) and searching for Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in Iraq or Afghanistan. 

From these first-hand experiences, we learned the power of finding the right course of action and executing it to get results fast and effectively. 

Now, we’re using these skills to deliver massive value to the businesses in the Columbia SC area by using focused SEO and SEM techniques. We’ve always used technology to our advantage and we will continue to do so.


Our framework is decisive

we identify and execute the course of action which achieves your end-state


Derived from Special Operations Targeting Frameworks, our process focuses on taking the right actions which produces the greatest results over just acting for the sake of acting. 

Our Targeting Process


Find Fix Finish

We analyze your current situation to gain a sense of the best way to move forward in correctly targeting your SEO and SEM efforts. We identify the lead domino which will produce the biggest result. Once identified and the correct course of action is established, we then execute the target to produce the desired effect.



At this point, we’ve made a breakthrough and are achieving your desired endstate. Without hesitation, we push further and faster to solidify the progress and ensure it’s a long term effect.



7/14/30 days post execution of a desired course of action. We’ll assess the effectiveness and make any needed corrections to ensure the successful achievement of your desired endstate.



The most powerful part of our framework is that remaining on the cutting edge requires constant adaptation and evolution. What works today may need tailored to work in the future. So, any discoveries within our Uncommon SEM/SEO network will benefit the collective group.

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