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Our Goal is to Maximize our Unique Gift of Selecting and Executing Targets to Grow Your Business

The Digital Marketing Landscape is filled with many folks trying to be something they are not and to provide the minimal amount of service for the greatest amount of reward. We are the exact opposite. We want to be your last stop in hiring SEO consultants and SEM experts. Our previous experience as combat leaders, and Rangers, in the Army left us with an intense desire to go out and achieve endstates set forth. Now, the landscape is no longer Afghanistan or Iraq, but the Search Engine Marketing realm where we are able to identify the high value target, execute that target, and by doing so achieve the desired result. We ask that you don’t waste our time, because we are looking for long-term partners with a commitment to growing and dominating their industry within the Columbia SC area.

Jesse Yandell

Jesse Yandell


True Purpose: “to add immense value to the community I am a member of through service characterized by loyalty and integrity”
Most Influential Experience: The honor to be a Ranger Rifle Platoon Sergeant for a 60-man Special Operations Strike Force. From 2006-2008, I had the distinct privilege of leading these Rangers on 210 raids designed to close with and destroy the enemies of our country. Additionally, I had the honor of serving as a Ranger Company First Sergeant from May 2012 to August 2014, which was the pinnacle of achievement in my 20 years of service as there is no greater role in our Armed services than Company First Sergeant.
Goals: I am proud to be a member of the Columbia SC Team, and I’m honored to raise my family here. My desire is to help the members of my community achieve their business goals. I want to see Columbia grow and prosper into the future and become an instrumental part of that prosperity by helping the businesses within Columbia grow exponentially. Furthermore, I want to give back tremendously to those who have given and to those in need. I resolve to not waiver on my commitment to the Columbia SC team.
Favorite Quote: “make your future greater than your past”- Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach
Trevor Shirk

Trevor Shirk

VP Client Strategy

True Purpose: “to live on the cutting edge and help others reach their goals”
Most Influential Experience: leading a platoon of combat engineers in Afghanistan tasked with the mission of finding and destroying Improvised Explosive Devices in RC East.
Goals: team up with the top industry professionals in the Columbia SC area and help them dominate their industry by creating and executing targeted search engine marketing campaigns which add immense value to their business and help to better serve the Columbia SC community.
Favorite Quote: “you can’t be common, the common man goes nowhere; you must be uncommon”-Herb Brooks

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Uncommon Columbia SEM is a digital marketing agency focusing on Search Engine Marketing Techniques which deliver the greatest amount of results.

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